About Us


This is us, Gavin & Chrissy. Overseen by our 2 children Archie & Alice we run BWild Adventures.

We started BWild Adventures in 2016 not long after we welcomed little Archie into the world. Having worked in the outdoors delivering outdoor adventures in the South of Essex and London, a natural step once we relocated to North Essex was to see if we could start something amazing on our doorstep which fitted in with our values. By the time Alice came along we were ready to fine tune exactly what we were best at and really focus on education, accessibility and inclusion and to share our knowledge with those eager to learn.


Gavin has worked in the outdoor adventure and education industry for over 15 years. After being employed and mentored by some amazing activity providers he decided that it was high time to go solo. It wasn't long before we found our feet and evolved into what we are today. Gavin is a qualified SPA climbing instructor, an Archery GB GNAS qualified coach and a seasoned Bushcraft pioneer.

Chrissys' outdoor journey is relatively fresh having spent many years in marketing, print and graphics. Once we had children it just didn't work with long hours and travelling distances so a bold decision was made to become immersed in nature for a living. It has been an amazing journey and led us on a totally unexpected path into what we have come to be. Chrissy has a diploma in Wild Food Foraging, is a Master Herbalist, a Meditation Teacher and a L3 Forest School Leader in training.